Meeting Luna

Waggy tail, waggy bottom, waggy body
Oversized ears, drooping down, black and sleek;
Black patch over one eye; tiny pink patch on her nose,
Licking; snuffling; chewing ears;
Snuggling into my arms and settling down
Sleeping now; twitching limbs; shallow breaths
Wakes again, so excited to see her family
Runs from one to another in glee
Offer her a treat and she sits obediently waiting
Chasing a ball and bringing it back,
Never tiring from the same action
Remote control car, a new experience
Shows no fear only interest and fun
Chasing car and enjoying laughter
Hiding in the bush and chewing sticks
Comes back for a cuddle and sleeps again
Oblivious to sound and activity around
Trace her nose and across her forehead
Simply soft and divine and smooth
Pick up her paws and they drop back down again
Just a little too big yet, but ready to grow
Up again and ready to play
Dodging the water from the sprinkler
Chasing Darcy and loving her laugh
Dripping wet puppy but no doggie smell
Just biscuit aroma or maybe popcorn
Delicious, puppy, baby dog
Don’t want to leave her and go back home
Want to stay, watch her grow and love

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