A Free Life

I’ve had an amazingly successful day today.  Feet are a bit sore from all the miles I’ve walked, but achieved everything I set out to do.

So, behind every big store is a big bin or even a stack of free stuff, which we can all use to help us live our lives.

Outside The Range, I found a huge sheet of plastic, it was just destined for the tip and never, ever going to being used again.  It took me a while to fold it up into a manageable package, but I did, eventually.

Behind B&Q, I found an enormous amount of bubble wrap, something we don’t appreciate enough.  But I do admire it’s usefulness.

At the back of Sainsburys, they have massive amounts of waste food.  All stacked neatly into a plastic waste bin.  I helped myself and was able to choose what I wanted.  Only problem was, they didn’t have any wine.  But I did find some out of date beer, cheers!

Walking back, laden down with my finds.  Exhausted, but feeling positive and almost looking forward to going to bed.

In my back pack, as always, is my sleeping bag, my blow-up pillow and my best friend, Hubo, my warm and furry dog.  He helps me earn my money, without him my income would be halved, at least.  He also acts as my hot water bottle, as long as I can feed him enough.  I would rather feed him, than eat anything myself.

So, loaded with all my finds, I spend the day sitting, looking pathetic, sweet dog at my side, hoping passers-by will take pity and throw a few coins into my hat, at best a note!

Day is beginning to pass now, I’m getting a little hungry, but I know that I have those sandwiches I found in Sainsburys, or rather at the back of Sainsburys.  Combined with a couple of out of date cans of beer, bliss.

Almost looking forward to bed time now, plastic sheeting over the top, maybe keeping the rain at bay.   Bubble wrap underneath, creating protection from the cold and the rigidity of the floor.  Over the top is my trusty sleeping bag, if a little smelly now, combined with my little hot doggie water bottle.

The next thing I need to do, is to find somewhere safe for me and my furry friend.  Would I rather be in town, near to where I can earn some coins, but if I do that, I open myself to the dodgy individuals who are out and about at night.  So, my preference is to walk further away and find a wall in a remote place.  Safe, away from society, who are quick to judge.  It’s not my fault, that I am homeless, it’s my problem, and maybe yours?


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