Lies, damn lies and statistics

Using gentle persuasion, demonstrations and protestations, with varying degrees of intensity.

Failing that, the use of blackmail, dishonesty or simple threats, maybe useful.

Get the best speakers you can afford, they don’t necessarily need to believe in your plan, they will be able to persuade their listeners anything without conviction.

Use social media to swamp the internet with information/mis-information, just get the issue out and being discussed everywhere by everyone, don’t forget the usefulness of the hashtag#.

Use facts, statistics, conjecture and opinions as proof, whether it has any truth is neither here nor there.

Encourage discussion on the topic at every opportunity, standing at a bus stop, in church, at the Doctor’s surgery.  Engage your target with passion, creativity and a feeling of guilt, if they don’t agree.

Speak badly of your opponents, truth if possible, or rumours or maybe even just downright lies.  Some of what is heard will stick, so don’t be afraid to criticise your adversaries.

Use humour to entertain, educate and influence your audience, they will remember being entertained more than the details or facts.

Diss at every opportunity, to insult is better than to ignore.

Market yourself and your plan carefully, paint yourself as clear as possible, don’t leave any chance of criticism.

Outline your plan with clarity, simple words told briefly are far superior to complicated prose at length.

Encourage donations to your cause, set up a Go-Fund-Me page.  Take bribes and back-handers from those people who will benefit from the success of your campaign.

Oh, just realised I haven’t said what I am battling for or against.  It doesn’t really matter; you can use these techniques to crusade generally, just remember to ensure that your achievements are SMART.  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Set your goals, don’t move the posts and strike out with determination.

309 words – Sandy Bryson

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