Learning Outside

Environmentally, socially, physically and educationally more creative and encouraging your child to ask questions.

Such as –

Why do we need to sit at a desk and write to learn?

Can we not find out answers to scientific questions ourselves by experiment?

Learning to be part of a team, whether as a leader or a follower, is best learnt outside.

Would listening to a story, under a tree in the summer be more beneficial for our health and well-being?

Could we learn actual life-skills outside, cooking, growing food, making dens and learning to navigate and use a compass.

We don’t need to run around a school hall, pretending to climb up an incline, when we can do it for real.  We don’t need to teach children about healthy eating, if they grow their own food, cook it and use calories whilst doing both.

Visiting places outdoors always increases a child’s interest and excitement, more than learning about it second hand.

Geography becomes an actual science, when you can see it in reality.  As is history, visiting a castle can give lasting knowledge about the subject.  Biology and animal studies become an actuality when visiting a farm or a petting zoo.


200 words Sandy Bryson

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