Inspired, sad, reverence of nature – Sun Rise, Sun Fall revisited

From our special place over looking the North Sea, secretly sleeping outside under the stars, snug as bugs in rugs.  Braving the elements, but mostly braving the attack of mosquitos and the occasional downpour in the middle of the night.

The dawn would begin with the local wildlife, mainly birds alerting us to a new day, with a fanfare of song to greet a fresh beginning.

Looking east, over the sea towards the horizon.  A tiny glimmer of orange light appears, in seconds. the glimmer becomes a ray.  Orange turns yellow and spreads out across the horizon.  The shape of the sun appears, golden and glorious, spreading brightness across the sky.

The birds have been singing for half an hour previous to this, but stay quiet while the day dawns.  As if in respect for the occasion, like it was a special occurrence, not something that happened every morning.

In a few minutes the sun stands proudly on the line between the sky and the sea, telling the world it has arrived.  Shining it’s wonderful, life-giving properties over the sea.  Twinkling, tiny lights move across the water, sparkling and flickering amid the waves, like Christmas lights on a tree.

The sun rises above the horizon, starting its journey to the summit and now warming the earth and its inhabitants.  Fully grown up and fulfilling its purpose, giving light and life to the world.

A time to celebrate, to look forward to new opportunities and experiences.

Another day, but this time looking west, across the sea towards the horizon.  As the afternoon heat subsides and the evening chill sets in.  The sky begins to deepen from vibrant blue to indigo.  There are beautiful patches of pale orange and pink, in the tiny clouds scudding across the scene.  As the sun begins to fall away towards the horizon, its power begins to fail, as gradually its heat and light diminish.  After a time, it sits upon the horizon, like a ball on a field, deep orange and red.  Looking sad and forlorn that it is leaving the world.

As it falls beneath the horizon, a chill is felt by all and a rush to take shelter or don extra clothing begins.  The sun is not producing its life-giving properties anymore.  We huddle together on the beach wrapped in damp towels, tucking our feet under to keep them warm, determined not to let the day end.  Exchanging mugs of lukewarm tea, sipping the bitter, over steeped liquid as if it had life giving properties.  Children running and playing, extracting every last minute out of the day.  Oblivious to the fact the day would soon decease and the memories would soon sadly fade.

Old photos of brothers, arm in arm, wrapped in matching towels, with the sun setting behind them, spreading a golden haze around them.

A sorrowful time for all, children and animals ponder their antics encountered during the day.   We contemplate what we have achieved, what opportunities we have missed.

A time to reflect and remember, to want these unforgettable times to remain forever

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