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I want to write about Anthon St. Maarten’s quote.


People today are more isolated than ever, as society has become more socially individualist. People often find themselves more emotive because of this freedom, but some people do not experience this as a freedom and instead, it’s more a torture chamber. Those “Hot messes” are usually the isolated ones who’ve ended up not finding themselves capable of adapting or without the original backing to help them, for whatever reason. How are we expected to enjoy another’s friendship, attention or love when we aren’t our own friend, don’t tend to our basic needs or are able to love ourselves first?


I want to write about Helen Keller’s quote.


Blatantly, Helen speaks about inner emotion. The phrase “Love is like a drug” is an overly used phrase but intense passion is actually as strong as a hit of cocaine and a team of other kinds of drugs, and people seemingly find happiness in using illicit drugs, so it sort of makes sense. Love is hidden, but it’s as strong as cocaine a lot of the time.


I want to write about Roy T. Bennet’s quote.


As a depressive and someone who over analyzes what is said to me or about me, this is oddly familiar. It is odd how big a passing whispers about “wow… his face mask looks cool…!”, even not directed at myself, lifts my spirits, but how low they can become in different circumstances.


I want to talk about Paulo Coelo’s quote.


I’ve let my heart lead me first and it sometimes has made a mess in its wake, but ultimately it was what I wanted to do. The brain does the tidying up and eventually the analytical reasoning as to why I decided to do that reason beyond “because my heart felt it was a good idea.” to be understood. The brain doesn’t necessarily give up as much as it “takes out the trash” if the idea wasn’t exactly fruitful.

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