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(BA) Pros

  • Seemingly there are actually no other similar products, especially regarding probiotic technology. As most just filter everything.
  • The website is well-crafted and is easily navigated, especially with integrated links on most pages.
  • The product is perfect for those who suffer from chronic conditions that would otherwise affect them negatively, especially those with compromised immune systems.
  • Having 3 month’s (approximately) worth of what is essentially a germ and allergen-free environment for those who need it per cartridge is good, though cartridges equate to about £38 per cartridge, which is fairly expensive, but if you need it, then it’s a fair price.

(BA) Cons

  • Looking in the “How it works” section of BA’s website actually doesn’t say how it works in much detail. It just says about patented probiotic diffusal. It needs to be more expansive. However, the FAQ’s section supplements many of these questions
  • It isn’t the only one on the market, RENUAIRE is very much alike to BA’s products. However, it seems that the RENUAIRE doesn’t seem to be actively selling their product.
  • Unless you have a lot of money saved or are making money with some excess, the proletariat may not be able to purchase this product. Though I believe it is marketed more towards the middle-classes.
  • Though the product makes sure your area is clean, it doesn’t do it elsewhere. In a long, roundabout way, it could be considered molly-coddling. People’s immune systems (aside from those with conditions such as HIV or allergies) actually need some bacteria, otherwise people’s immune systems will grow weak. The immune system in some ways is comparable to muscle mass; if it isn’t used occasionally, it’ll deteriorate and become weak. In the case of the immune system, this can be more debilitating than the compared example.


As an aside, for some reason we thought someone mentioned that the water required for it was from the Sea of Galilee. If this were the case, there would be conflict regarding a varied amount of questions, including why this specific sea is different, and if the company knows that the Israeli government actually pumps desalinated water into the sea during drought seasons.


As well as this, the level of the sea itself is gently rising presently, (this doesn’t account for climate change) the Sea of Galilee is the second lowest sea in the world, being beaten by the dead sea. If climate change continues and water is pumped out for the product, then this sea could very well disappear into simple mudflats, just like the dead sea.



(HR) Pros

  • Focuses on Covid-19-related issues, such as application within certain environments like schools, restaurants, and so on. This however, in a roundabout way, the advertisement uses people’s fear about the virus which is no doubt effective, if a little… exploitative.
  • BA seems to be the only available product on the site, which whilst is very good, doesn’t exactly fulfill the website’s purpose, though I believe these are teething issues more than anything else.

(HR) Cons

  • Does not state any irrefutable evidence pertaining to its ability to clean the air of COVID-19 and destroy it. instead it states minutia pertaining to viruses and redirects to other academic studies. Most people when given the choice to read academic studies, unless required, generally don’t. (I can back this up, even my college lecturers had this bad habit!)
  • HR seems to be more a platform for selling from a variety of different companies, rather than just one, so for the moment it is still in its infancy, only having BA and another company that hasn’t integrated yet on its listings.

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