Feelings Part Two

I want to write about the most beautiful things in the world only being felt with the heart because I believe it to be the truth.  There is nothing more beautiful than loving someone unconditionally, with no limits.  Helen Keller is someone who inspired me, at a very young age, when I read a book about her and despite her issues was someone who could achieve great things.

I want to write about someone who has a continuous smile on his face concealing a frightening toughness because I believe that it is the truth.  Often a smile can disguise ugly or bad thoughts.  The same with flattery, too much is suspicious.  I associate an overly positive person with extreme caution, as I believe they are trying to hide something.  At least during my lifetime, this has proved to be true.

I want to write about the best way out is always through because I believe it to be the truth.  I remember being told by a mental health professional once that ‘you have to go through the green slimy stuff’’ in order to get anywhere in life.  If you try to avoid a problem by sidestepping it or ignoring it, the problem persists.  So, it is best to meet the problem head on and try to go through it, even if it is difficult.

I want to write about the fourth one, too long to re-tell because it seems to be saying that a mental health condition is not a weakness, but a strength.  Being able to feel things intensely means you have compassion for others.  Not being able to understand someone’s issues is a fault.  Being able to shed tears is not a weakness, but a strength.

Truth is that the most beautiful things in the world are felt with the heart, such as unconditional love, knowing no limits.  We can all identify with this.  Helen Keller is an example we can look toward, as an example of beauty, both inside and out.  Not only surviving unbelievable difficulties, but conquering them and achieving such great things, of which we can only dream.

Someone who can smile, not using their eyes, could be disguising a hidden ruthlessness, using flattery to hide their real thoughts.

Punching the air and whooping with delight, immediately creates suspicion, because over performing is not British and gives rise to contempt.

Professionals in Mental Health, will advise facing up to problems and finding solutions to them, as a way to achieving a resolution to an issue.  Avoiding the setback just prolongs the agony and doesn’t achieve.

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