Electric Dreams of Cars

I find myself in the seat of my car.

The hum of the electronics pushing it along.

And opposed to the old, they can drive far.

Not a watt of energy is lost as I listen to a song.


In 2040, everything changed about the automobile.

They finally mastered the art of electric cars.

Rarely need to plug in for a battery’s refill.

Didnt matter where you went, Tescos, Lidl’s, Spar.


Charging spots were dotted here and there.

You could get your weekly shopping.

You put down the weight of the bags, it was quite fair.

And then you started your journey back home, never stopping.


Arriving home, you park your car in the garage.

But the bills to charge it were dismally high.

But paying little when out, you could fiscally manage.

Just remember not to touch the open cable, unless you want to fry.


The news has reported people dying because of this technological leap.

They’d be in a rush, forgetting the powerful current.

And when they touched it, they’d simply collapse in a heap.

It’s as simple as it sounds; electrocution.


But as long as you’re taking care around the charger.

There was no need to feel restricted.

The world is yours, cleanly, efficiently. It could go into, discharge.

Your visage would fade into the distance, blotted.

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