Electric Cars - The Future

In our age, where the electric car is due

We all wait for the day it comes along

But as we wait, there are only few

Electric cars need to wait, but will be along soon.


The future is where it’s all at

Where we all wait for advances

But for the meanwhile, all we do is chat

About the potential of electric cars, the chances


We all envision it as glorious and bright

With all the technologies that will come

But do we consider that there is another blight

With the cars that are better, with less of a hum?


Electric cars could technically be considered clean

But electric isn’t just generated by some miracle

Have we considered the ways it’s made; almost obscene

That there’s more at play, but we all just wax lyrical


We make electricity, easily and plentiful

But at the cost of the environment’s health

But tanks of petrol, gas and nuclear are harmful

Forgetting that they’re not clean, our minds put them on a shelf


What we need to ask first is “How do we make our energy clean?”

Then we can move on to the idea of clean transport

This task will require great minds, money and the most keen

Let not us be distracted by cars yet, anchor them at port.


Investments by all should be made, abundant

For our generations that are to come

Making the unclean distasteful, redundant

And master clean energy, unclean to overcome


The car comes after we can assure

The reduction of emissions and pollution

Once this is done, we can cast off away from shore.

This is once we can find an ultimate solution.


Once dams, solar and wind can be mastered

We can consider the car

We’ll get in our truly green cars, seatbelt fastened

But until then, we will remain where we are.


Let us say once this is done

We’ll have little to worry about

We can thank water, the wind and the sun.

And the big conglomerates are knocked out.


The loud hum of the car will become a gentle purr

Letting those who live near busy roads sleep

Not worrying about a constant, loud whir.

And those neighbours can find peace and slumber deep.


Some believe the loud sound is a requirement

For people to notice these vehicles

‘Least people find people run over, bafflement

And drivers don’t run over living obstacles


Many defy that this is a issue

Most people are sensible and look when crossing

But nobody should lose a child, and cry into a tissue

Lost faith, though the technology is seen as a blessing


We’ve had electrical vehicles before this time

Trolleybuses that had high wires above

Only a limitation on freedom, but otherwise fine.

But many wish to be able to roam, like a dove.


The freedom provided by car is perhaps divine

But we’ll have to wait, a generation or two

Before we get to travel freely, o’ car of mine

The weight of this task is put on the millennials, yes, you.


This generation will finally find the solution

To this incredibly large task

To make a world where there is little to no pollution

And they will be finally rewarded, in glory they will bask


We will one day complete this project

But there will be problems before

Oil and fuel companies will surely object

And wine in hand, they will find themselves abhor


The rich get richer, by performing questionable deeds

Which the lower classes will look on with malice

But in all our heart of hearts, we see ourselves succeed

Though the rich will continue, seemingly callous


So let us look forward to the future.

But let us not rue the days of trials to come

Let us hope we will finally be able to capture

The power of the sea, the air and the sun.

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