Classwork 18.10.2021 aka Linda

“Mrs Hester, please may I borrow your stapler?”

“Why what have you done with your own?”

“I took it home to upholster a chair and it unfortunately broke.”

“So, I suggest you go out an buy a new one at lunch time.”

“Can I have some money from the Petty Cash box, please.”

“No, certainly not, you broke it, you replace it.  It’s a staple rule of the office.”


Mrs. Hester, please may I borrow your ruler.  As a rule, I wouldn’t ask, but since I have to buy a stapler at lunch time, I can’t afford a new ruler.”

Taking a long deep breath, Mrs. Hester asked “So, pray tell me, why do you need a new ruler?”

“Well, when I was upholstering my chair at home, I couldn’t find my staple remover thingy, so I tried to prise out a staple using my ruler and it snapped.”

“Anything else you have broken?  Tell me now, before I lose all my patience.”

“Well, I did block up my hole punch, trying to make patterns in the fabric I was using to upholster a chair.”

“Why are you using all the office equipment at home?”

“Well, my upholstery business at home, failed to recover and as you said that all office stationery, with an ‘e’ could be moved as it is not stationary.  I thought I could take it home with me.”


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