“What do you mean I have to live in this tin?” Daniel repeated, before being statically repeated to again by his partner “We’ve barely any money left, what’re we to do?” “We could just hitch a ride on some old freight train if you want to travel, you know Tem?”


Naturally, Daniel disliked both ideas, but living in a caravan felt like an unfair roll of the dice. “It’s all because of that poxy COVID-19 bollocks” Daniel continued. Having being made redundant recently, and his partner’s business was destroyed by the outbreak.


“At least we have somewhere” Tem interjected. Trying to not let the discussion slide into a debate about the quarantine


“At least! But I can’t help feel uneasy about the whole afair.” He paused, peeking his head into the caravan “I can’t help but feel like I can’t breathe in here, or that i’m trapped.”


“Honestly” Tem replied “You’ve just got a case of the ol’ claustrophobia”


“A bloody case of claustrophobia? I already knew, but are we really, really this destitute that we’re going to live in one of these?” He tapped the side of it thrice.


“Yes, really.” She plainly replied “Before we know it, it’ll be winter, we’ll need some kind of inside space to live in after all, least we freeze to death.”


Daniel sighed, he knew arguing wasn’t his strong-suit and was not sure how to make a case against freezing to death. Maybe book a hotel room for a long stay? Sounds ridiculous.

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