Bingley street to Tettenhall Wood

Bingley street Carol and my growing up
Blonde and curly
Sweet face
14/15 yoa.
She had a friend I had Dave Spragg we both had bikes
Safety in numbers
First kiss behind cenotaph St Peter’s Church W/Ton
Lived too far away was my excuse
Went off me was reason.
Tina had a pony tail
And a bosom ( small but definitely there.)
She was at the youth club and jived
She had an Alsatian
With ears that were horizontal.
We did a lot of walking and kissing
Then she lost interest
I started cycling in earnest
Almost became a monk but something – don’t know what was missing

Reasons to be joyful…😊,2,3.
Growing awareness,
curly blond fairness,
Pretty-faced Carol smiled at me.
Just fourteen, had to brag
Has she a friend asked my mate, Dave Spragg.
Carol and Her friend were churchies
Couldn’t miss opportunities;
Sunday evenings St Peters, middle of town
First kiss behind the cenotaph
Mind erupting shooting stars lightning bolts
screaming lights, senses off the graph.
Asked me to meet her Tuesday at the park;
But the park was for hard knocks, put-downs, and distancing
That’s where she told me it had been a lark
My sorrow was pitiful – I blamed the park.

Reasons to be joyful…1,😊,3.
Long Black ponytail bobbing in her jive.
All eyes on her, bright, smiling – alive.
My heart a-pumping, asked her for a dance,
Tina was it and then some,
My lovely second chance.
Dave’s family had moved to Stafford
Tina lived in Tettenhall,
A long hard cycle climb up Holloway rock.


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