Age and Youth

We always say that we wish that we had eyes in the back of our head, in order to see behind us and in front simultaneously.

Parents, particularly would like this ability, to be aware of their children’s misdemeanours or even their good behaviour.

To be able to see both the future and the past, at the same time, is a frightening thought.

Watching my elderly mother interacting with my son, both determined to misbehave, both conducting themselves as naughty, little children.  Giggling at the same silly jokes and trying hard not to let me in to their world of mischievousness.  Finding Tom and Jerry hilarious, watching the unfortunate make fools of themselves on You’ve been Framed, both in hysterics at the sheer slapstick humour.

For some reason my mother disliked the French, and once while watching a basketball game between our local team and some French boys, she became quite vocal and started to shout not quite obscenities, but enough to embarrass me.  My son thought this was so amusing he began to join in, but not for long.  As the interface between the two of them, I became the voice of reason and stopped their bad behaviour instantly.

As mother grew older and son matured, their connection remained, always able to laugh together, enjoying the beginning and ending of their lives.

223 words – Sandy Bryson

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