Hello, I am 4031 James.A, or simply just James Alexson, my given name. There are only a handful of things that I can recall aside my designation and name… at least, I think.


I work at the ministry of truth, to make sure that the party’s history is accurate, with the occasional amendment here, or sometimes just a whole piece down the memory hole if it is deemed conflictual to the party’s nature. Aside from that… I cannot recall. Sometimes I end up going to meetings that can go on for as long as a few hours or a few minutes, of which I just sit and observe, aside from anything else.


I can’t remember my childhood well… It might even be false-think, but I vaguely remember being a brat, too rowdy for my own good, and at some point my mother and father was just… wasn’t, gone, vapourized. And here I am, in my home, hiding on the fringes of the telescreen, trying to jot my thoughts down.


I’m not sure what is compelling me to write this, no, I certainly shouldn’t be writing this down, least my son get a hold of it and talk about it, or the thought police find out. No, I think I will put this down the hole I think, take it with me amongst other papers to work, and down the memory hole, That’s what I’ll do.


I just need be careful and forget about this, because we both know, comrade, Big Brother is Watching.

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