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Dialogue for the Tinder Box

As soon as Jeremy saw the ‘Lady in Pink’ waiting in the bar, he knew she was waiting for him. […]

Sandy Bryson 29 March 2021 29 March 2021
Inspired, sad, reverence of nature – Sun Rise, Sun Fall revisited

From our special place over looking the North Sea, secretly sleeping outside under the stars, snug as bugs in rugs.  […]

Sandy Bryson 27 March 2021 27 March 2021
Classwork 22/03/2021

Reminiscing about an evening spent with my family and around three hundred strangers.  We made our way to Minsmere, searching […]

Sandy Bryson 22 March 2021 22 March 2021
A Patch of Land

One of the main reasons we bought our house was because it had an enormous back garden.  The possibilities were […]

Sandy Bryson 20 March 2021 20 March 2021
My Backyard

Overgrown, uneven, weeds everywhere.  Not neat and tidy in anyone’s mind. Home to insects, spiders, little frogs, hedgehogs and most […]

Sandy Bryson 15 March 2021 15 March 2021
Jonathan Livingston

Considered the rat of the sky, or is that a pigeon?  Well certainly, if you live near the seaside, this […]

Sandy Bryson 7 March 2021 15 March 2021

The need to communicate with others is an innate need for most of us.  Fine, when they are near to […]

Sandy Bryson 8 March 2021 8 March 2021

Gliding effortlessly through the air like a leaf falling from a tree in autumn.  Twisting and turning with tiny movements […]

Sandy Bryson 1 March 2021 1 March 2021

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just feel so depressed.” Marion sighed deeply and looked outside at the […]

Sandy Bryson 15 February 2021 15 February 2021
Age and Youth

We always say that we wish that we had eyes in the back of our head, in order to see […]

Sandy Bryson 8 February 2021 8 February 2021

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