This came out of nowhere and I don’t know where it is bound.

There can be no article unless it makes sense,

There can be no article unless it makes sense;

So we are told, and in my defense,

I offer this Writing, a piece of nonsense

That no-one understands unless it makes sense.

COVID 19 lockdown, while some sit on their fence,

Is Government spending pounds whilst saving pence?

The present need for financial stability is intense,

Time now to keep records with due deference,

To each tortuous, political twist, and its reference.

Rightist and leftist, centrist et all

Are joining this quick step, posturing , prancing ball.

Then look askance, think of types of chance,

Leaders’ daily reading statistics in this sad dance,

Shall we credit them with saving us? if save us they do?

Or shall we forget them and say Testing kits were too few?

The antonym of slim-chance is surely not fat-chance.

Stay Home-Protect NHS – Save Lives

Remember, reference, to memories, and financial  necessities

Are all in this piece to help it make sense

If you shy from the truth or it has little importance,

Be aware of the present and your future consequence.

Terry JG-F © April 2020

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